2020 has seen much commotion and uncertainty.  There have been calls by various voices to get ready for more.  Many that I have listened to have the question, what should I prepare?  The simplest response to that question is to prepare every needful thing.  This phrase is both all encompassing and useful metric, but also lacks a bit of context.  What is needful really depends greatly on what is lacking.  If I am at the bottom of a deep lake or on the moon, the most needful thing is breathable air.  If I am in a snowstorm, it is shelter and good clothing.  If I am on a raft in the ocean or in the middle of an expanse of desert, it is likely to be clean drinkable water.  If I am expecting long term economic disruptions, it is likely savings.  If I am expecting supply chain damage, it is likely food and clothing.  If a riot is heading for my house, it may be personal security.  All of these revolve around the essential basic needs of life for you and your loved ones.

When these situations arise, it is already too late to make the necessary preparations.  They need to be known and in hand.  If I don't have air when I need it I won't have much time to attempt to procure more where it isn't to be found anyway.  I need it right now and there is no further time to prepare.  I have it or I suffer, possibly die.  Same goes for water, shelter, savings, food, clothes, and personal security.  Some of these things can be cobbled together in the moment.  Most cannot, or at least not well.

I would liken this to Joseph in Egypt.  Pharaoh had a disturbing dream he did not understand.  His lack of understanding moved him to find the key to not only unlocking it's meaning but to find an essential person with the vision and ability to solve the problem.  Joseph prepared Egypt for 7 years, for the 7 years of famine that followed.  It was essential that the understanding, vision of the solution, and diligent preparation happened, and it had to happen while the resources were available.  Without it, Egypt along with that whole region, would have perished.  It took a sincere and concerted effort to identify and follow the plan forward.

Weather you believe in the prophecies of the second coming of Jesus Christ, impending Climate change doom, increased political tensions, or are simply being proactive about the frailties of the modern system upholding our current lifestyles.  The feel of dramatic change is in the wind and deep down many of us can sense the urgency.  The strategy for your and my temporal security will generally follow the same path.  We are all humans with the same basic needs.

Preparing for every needful thing can seem a little bit overwhelming at first.  There are so many areas we may need to prepare for.  Like most things, the most important step is the next step.  Where ever you are on this road, the next step will take you further down it to the goal.  One step at a time we may all travel to the end.

The most important first step on this journey is to decide why you are embarking on it.  There are a lot of potential reasons to fear.  And fear can be a powerful short term motivator.  However, it is poor at keeping spirits up and generating the will to continue forward when times are tough.  Instead, I would suggest that the emotion you should seek to put into your own heart is hope.  Bad things are here.  Bad things are going to happen.  But what follows the difficult journey?  Morning.

There is good in this world.  And after the storm.  We will see it again.

Continuing and taking steps down this road will help your heart to feel that hope.