Food Storage Planner is a new kind of software, it is both a web app and a locally install-able program.  This means it can be installed almost anywhere, on pretty much any modern device.  The technology is called a Progressive Web Application, PWA, or on iOS Apple prefers Web App.

We've also made offline functionality a top priority so it retains shrink-wrap-software qualities while using this portable modern software stack.  Our primary design goal is that the core of this system will work well even when the network is down. So when times are rough, you can continue to make use of this tool.  Secondarily we wanted to provide the convenience of the modern connected world in ease of access and using synchronized shared data store within our system.

All these wonderful features don't come without some minor cost in unfamiliarity.  The installation process is unlike most applications.  You will not yet find our software within anyone's app store.  You install right from the tool itself on our website instead of external stores or download sites.  Installs are fast and use minimal space on your device or system.  Updates are quick and painless, you click the orange download icon when it appears on your fuel bar and your system will be updated to the latest release.

With release 7.0.73 we welcome iOS as a fully supported member.  There was a hindrance on iOS that limited camera availability when installed locally, though it worked fine within Safari itself and the non-camera functionality worked fine.  That has been resolved by Apple in a recent iOS patch and with it, full iOS support for FSP 7 is here.